With many years of presence on the market, Velum Nautica has expanded its range of activities to the production of teak decks, the manufacture of aft platforms, roll-bar, spoilers, hardwood roofs; equipping the vessel with the equipment of reputable manufacturers: Vetus, Osculati, Quick, etc.; painting yachts using high quality materials: AWL Grip, DuPont, Hempel Profinish, etc.; gelcoat repairs; osmosis remediation and antiosmosis treatments. Non-destructive testing (NDT), i.e. ultrasound testing, is also one of the services provided by the company.


We perform structural repair of yachts with composite materials and modern technology. For structural repairs, durometer polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy dies of proven manufacturers are used as well as reinforcement materials: glass fiber, carbon fiber and aramid fiber (kevlar).

We also use a vacuum infusion process, i.e. a process that uses a pressure lower than atmospheric to introduce a matrix (resin) into the laminate. With this method, the reinforcement is placed dry in the mold and the vacuum is achieved before the resin is introduced. After the vacuum is reached, the resin is sucked in through precisely laid pipelines, thus passing through the reinforcement material. This construction process achieves much lighter parts of the structures because excess resin is sucked off. Also, this method is very environmentally friendly because solvent evaporation is reduced by 90%.


We offer our clients the ability to create new unique design solutions (roll-bar, spoilers, hardwood roofs, etc.), which we are able to visually present to the client using 3D programs before the production process starts.

When making new design solutions, durometer polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy dies from proven manufacturers are used, as well as reinforcement materials: glass fibers, carbon fibers (carbon) and aramid fibers (kevlar).


With us you have the possibility of making or renovating a deck, where the most commonly used natural teak material is ready to be placed on your boat. More recently, the so-called Tek-Dek has been used in addition to natural teak.


Our experts will take good care of the health of your vessel, thus eliminating the infamous osmosis that can occur on your vessels and using antiosmosis treatments to make it difficult to produce.

In addition to protection against osmosis, we also offer boat painting, irrelevant whether the painting is necessary for the purpose of protecting the boat or whether it is requested as a visual change of the boat. Yacht painting is done in specialized tents using high quality materials: AWL Grip, DuPont, Hempel Profinish, etc.